Using SEO Citation Building To Your Advantage

Local SEO citations are the foundation of any great local SEO plan, but what exactly are local citations and how exactly do they effect local search? A local citation (sometimes called a business listing or even an online directory listing) is where you show the following information about your company: Name. Address. Phone number. The only thing this citation does is show people the location of your business.

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This is why it’s important to get your local business listed in as many local business directories as possible. Not only will this give you more opportunities for search engines to pick up on your links back to your website, but it also gives people a way to find you if they do an internet search. The more places that you are listed in, the more backlinks you’ll receive.

Why are local citations so important? Well, first of all, because they impact local ranking. Because people are searching online, they are more likely to find businesses within a certain area by using a certain type of search. They are also more likely to find businesses that are within a certain distance from their home or offices, based on their own interests. So, if you have a website that is trying to sell cell phones in Alaska, you better make sure that it is listed in plenty of local citations.

Another reason that local citations are so important is because of the links back to your website from these directories. Most directories allow links from other websites, including those that contain your own page content. The more backlinks that you have coming from reputable directories, the more consumers will trust the information that you are providing them with. This can really give your company a boost in the eyes of potential customers.

Now, how do SEO Citation Building work? Well, you get a nice listing from one or more of the best Internet listing directories. Once you’ve submitted your listing, you then need to create your own website. From there, you need to start getting some links back to your site. These links back to your site from reputable web directories will count towards your SEO (search engine optimization). As long as you keep your site up to date, this process won’t take too long.

If you own a local business, SEO Citation Building can definitely benefit you. First of all, it will help you get more local business citations. And since more citations means more traffic, that’s ultimately what you want. If you want more local customers, make sure that your website has plenty of local business citations. This is how SEO Citation Building can really work to your advantage.