Social Media And SEO: The Drawbacks Of Placing Social Media At The Center Of Your SEO Plan

Social media SEO describes the process of how social media actions can improve your website’s ranking in the natural search engines through social signals. It s such a hot topic on many case studies which never becomes old. The main reason being simple: social media plays a major role in SEO in more than one ways.

To understand this subject in detail, you must first know what search engine optimization or search engine marketing is all about. This term simply means optimization of the website by using keywords. Social media optimization, on the other hand, involves using social signals or activities like fan pages, micro-blogging, and social bookmarking. Basically, these activities are meant to attract organic traffic from the people with similar interests and hobbies as yours.

You will never rank high in the organic results of the search engines for keyword like fan pages. But if you build an engaging and interesting page using relevant keywords, you will be able to attract some quality audience. This audience can become your loyal audience over time. When they enjoy your content and get something out of it, they will not just share it with their friends; they will also pass it on to their other contacts. Thus, you get targeted traffic coming from your specific niche. This audience will be the potential customers of your products and services.

However, this is not all. There are other ways in which social media marketing strategy has an impact on your website’s ranking factor. First, it increases the relevance of your webpage among the top 10 result pages of the major search engines when users perform a search. A relevant webpage is worth a lot more than an irrelevant one, because it carries more value with it.

It is true that this media platform can be used effectively for marketing as well. This is one of the best platforms where you can get direct feedback from your target audience. You will know what they want and what they need; by listening to them, you can actually give it to them. You can get the valuable audience for your brand through social media marketing.

But before you even think of using this form of SEO, you have to decide whether you want to use it as a stand-alone tool or as part of your overall online marketing strategy. There are pros and cons to both of these options. You have to weigh whether or not you can benefit from SEO and social media at the same time. You cannot just put them side-by-side and expect them to work hand-in-hand. If you do so, you may find your site lower on the rankings for some keywords. So you have to choose between the two.