In The Shoes Of A Search Engine Optimisation Expert

You have heard the story of the cobbler’s kids who have the worst shoes in school? Shoes full of holes, patched up, chipped, broken to bits. Bright kids, clean, tidy haircuts kids, nicely dressed, good-natured, hard-working, fun to be around – it is only the shoes which look out of place and neglected.

And what about that man who came to fit your new boiler last fall – he is still using an open flame in his house. And the accountant who failed to publish his tax returns from the builder together with the conversion which is taking forever? It’s true; you are probably very familiar with stories such as these. Busy, professional people, in-demand and spreading themselves so thin that if it comes to finding the time do what they have to perform for their advantage, they’re already committed. You could be among them, so busy being busy that essentials become overlooked or need to go on the back burner. When you’re running to stand still, it’s surprising how little attention the child’s shoes can wind up having.

Wed style, SEO, and web development companies are far from the exclusion when it comes to forfeiting home page comforts for the sake of keeping clients contented. You’d be amazed at the numbers of expert web development and SEO teams whose own sites are not optimised properly. There’s a lot of things you can find missing or lacking the tender loving care needed to succeed; an expert can expect to see issues such as:

• Headlines not pronounced as H1 tags • Poor or missing metadata • An unfinished or non optimised page title or site description • Excessive amounts of code littering the placements • Missing alt tags • Fat documents • Broken links • Poor navigation • Slow load times • Weak, inexpensive content

Individually none of those snags will inevitably prove deadly, and each should be in a position to be sorted out using a tiny bit of time and adequate resources. Together, however, they add up to trouble. The sort of problem that’s going to get the Google search bots wincing along with the website slipping and sliding its way around the non-viable nether regions of SERPs. That’s no good for anybody.

Don’t fall into the old shoes’ trap. Speak to your SEO expert today to find out just how they can assist you.