Fun and Tasty Candy For Weddings

The perfect way to serve wedding guests is to display the sweets in a unique and varied manner. Instead of uniform rows and lines of candy bowls, choose containers of varying heights and place them off-centre. Use tablecloths or other fabric to hide the props. Alternatively, you can purchase some themed candy dishes. Whatever you choose, the best way to serve wedding guests is to have various fun and tasty treats at the wedding reception!

Sugar Scrubs Favors

Sugar Scrubs are unique favours that make for great gifts for your guests. Each sugar scrub is hand piped and made with the finest ingredients. It turns into a lotion once it comes into contact with water. Not only does it give your guests a smooth, clean feel, but it also creates a non-slip surface in the shower. To order sugar scrub favours, visit the company’s website and choose your desired scent, design and quantity.

Personalised Life Savers Mints

Personalised Life Savers Mints for your wedding reception are a delicious treat that can be given to your guests. Each candy comes with its personalised label, and you can have up to two lines of text printed on the labels. Life Savers mints are available in various flavours, from peppermint to assorted fruit. They can be given to your guests in a beautiful bowl or as individual wedding favours.

Personalised Life Savers mints are a great addition to your dessert table or candy buffet. These mints are a refreshing and tasty way to thank your guests after an extensive wedding meal. These mints are individually wrapped and are available in jars and trays. They make an excellent party favour and make your guests feel extra special. If you want to get creative with your mint favours, you can even personalise the wrapper with your wedding details.

Personalised Mint Favor Packs – Floral are an excellent choice for your wedding favours. These mints are available in white and charcoal. They make great wedding favours and thank you gifts for your bride tribe. The packaging for these mint favours is small and can be personalised with names, dates, and particular messages. They also come in a variety of colours. Personalised Life Savers Mints will help your guests feel the cool breeze, whether you’re having a summer or winter wedding.

Personalised Cinnamon Spicy Rock Candy

Whether you’re throwing a Christmas party or a wedding shower, a delicious gift for guests is a box of Personalised Cinnamon Spicy Rock Candy. These nostalgic lollipops are perfect for any occasion. Made from cinnamon bark, they are 4 1/2″ suckers on a three-inch wooden stick, individually wrapped, and dairy-, fat-, and gluten-free. This information is provided without warranty and may change over time.

The best part about these candies is that they are completely assembled and ready for giving out to wedding guests. Guests will love these treats, which also come labelled. Personalised Life Savers mints are another sweet option, and they are available in peppermint flavour. They can even be adorned with a wedding message! Whether you choose Life Savers or a more traditional candy favour, each guest will enjoy the mints!

If you’re not a gourmet, consider making your wedding favours. This sweet-and-salty treat is both delicious and affordable. You can even stamp them with your names on them to give them to your guests. You can use custom-made wax paper bags for packaging your wedding favours or set them out on the dessert table as a snack. Your guests can nibble on them immediately or take them home to enjoy later.

You can create your unique design by choosing a colour that complements the wedding colour scheme. A photo or monogram will make your candy more personal to the recipient. Personalised candy candies are an excellent way to say thank-you to your guests and will make them remember your big day. In addition to chocolates and candies, you can use your creativity to create personalised mint cans.

Jordan almonds

Giving Jordan almonds to your guests at your wedding is an old custom. The sweet and bitter almonds represent the bride and groom’s union, and the sugar coating conveys the hope of a more precious life. You can use five almonds per bag as wedding favours, ensuring that everyone has a little something to eat. A tradition in the Middle East dictates that guests receive five almonds each, symbolising five wishes for the bride and groom.

As an elegant wedding favour, you can use Jordan almonds as a beautiful addition to the tables at the reception. Using decorative bags and boxes, you can wrap the almonds in tulle and tie a ribbon around them. You can pour Jordan almonds into champagne glasses or glass bowls for an extra-special touch. A special note explaining the meaning behind the candy can be placed inside. It’s an adorable idea and will surely please your guests.

Sugar-coated almonds are also popular wedding favours. These candies are traditionally packaged in trinket boxes. Today, they’re often adorned with beautiful designs, including wedding themes and colours. They are the visual representation of your love for one another, showcase your personality and are a reminder of the wedding. It’s a timeless wedding favour that guests will remember for years to come.

Before the Renaissance, Jordan almonds were coated with honey. Today, they’re covered with sugar, and the most expensive varieties are branded as “confetti” and are referred to as the premium. Their bittersweet taste is significant, and the almonds are typically distributed in odd numbers at weddings, resembling the marriage’s inseparable bond. A couple with the same values as a Jordan almond will find it a meaningful wedding gift.

Mr and Mrs Lollipops

Personalised wedding tags are a beautiful addition to lollipop favours. These cream ribbon tags are stamped with the couple’s names and wedding dates, and the wooden stamp is yours to keep after the wedding. You can also opt for a cream card or craft paper tags, but be aware that these may not arrive attached to the lollipops due to their long journey. Here are some other ideas for the perfect wedding favour tag:

Personalised wedding lollipops are the perfect wedding favour. Guests can enjoy them later or take them with them wherever they go. Choose between white or milk chocolate lollipops and tie them with ribbons to coordinate with your wedding colours. You can also include them on the dessert table or buffet table. Wedding favour boxes and candy centrepieces are perfect places to place custom lollipops. These treats will be a hit.

To celebrate the couple’s love, choose from various flavours and colours. For a gold-themed wedding, go for Gold and Silver Lollipops. They feature a gold and silver sugar crystal design and come individually wrapped with a ribbon. Or, go for rose gold edible glitter Lollipops, and all come with matching ribbons and tags. Alternatively, opt for Mr and Mrs Lollipops if you’re a vegetarian.