Different Types of Football Bets

If you have an interest in betting on football, there is quite an array of football bets that you can place. Some agencies even use their own types of bets, but there are a number of general betting types that apply almost universally in football.

Accessing Football Betting

Types of football bets to make moneySome bet types will be generally familiar to you, and some are specific to football. Recently, betting on sports like football has grown exponentially due to the growth in online betting agencies and the ease with which a bet can be made through online accounts. There are also apps for both Apple IOS and for Google Android phones and tablets that allow a customer to log into their betting account and place bets at a moment’s notice. This fact alone has changed the world of betting into a mobile and immediate service.

Types of Football Betting

If you’re interested in football bets in particular, here’s a list of some of the more general types of bets that you can make.
Matched betting (also known as double betting, back betting, and lay bet matching): This is an equation-based method of betting that involves two bets – one with a bookmaker and one with a betting agency. The better takes advantage of free bets, and will place two bets on the same event, but for opposing results. The opposite of the initial bet is there to ensure that any loss is offset and the better walks away with a small profit.
Accumulator betting (combo bets or parlay bets): This is where more than two bets are combined into one single bet, but a winning result depends on all bets being successful. The odds of a win are decreased, but the payout for a win is much larger.
Against the spread: This is where you either bet on the favorite in a game or the underdog. In this type of football bet, each team is considered even at the onset due to the point spread system.
Over/Under: This is where betters bet on whether the total number of points in a game between two teams is either under or over a certain amount. If the total points are over that amount at the end of the game, the Overs win; if it is under the amount, the Unders win instead.
Money Line bet: The oddsmakers decide which team is most likely to win a game and appoint odds to both teams based on this. For example, the favorite team might have odds of -200 and the underdog might have odds of +160. If you bet on the favorite, you would have to bet £200 in order to win £100 for their win. If you bet on the underdog, you would only risk £100 to win $160.
Of these football bets, the two most popular are Money Line bets and Against the Spread.

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