Black Hat SEO – A Complete Guide to Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the most important part of advertising which uses electronic and online based digital technology like mobile phones, desktop computers and other electronic media and platforms for marketing goods and services. It is a part of Search Engine Marketing or SEM which is one of the pillars in any search engine optimization campaign. In simple words, it is an advertising strategy which is used to promote and advertise products or services on the Internet. This strategy requires quick and consistent action and response from the clients.

digital marketing

The term ‘Search Engine Marketing’ refers to a set of processes including pay per click (PPC), search engines results page (SERP), paid inclusion, contextual advertising and results networking. It helps in raising the web site’s visibility and recognition in search engines through organic and authoritative listings. It helps in increasing the traffic and targeted web traffic to your web portal. This is done by crafting relevant content for your target market, via blogs, websites and press releases etc. One can also do search engine optimization using different techniques.

Search engines like Google use certain algorithms to index websites. These engines work on database of links and information which are available to them. Based on the arrangement of these links, and other information contained in the site’s meta tags, these algorithms assign rankings to the site. The more the relevance of the website, and the more it is rich in keywords, the higher will be the ranking.

Meta tags also give an idea about the nature of contents. For example, for some search engines like Google, the title is very important while for others it is the whole description. Other than title, Meta tag descriptions are also helpful. So if you want to be found by most of the search engines, you must make sure that the above mentioned things are included in your website’s Meta description.

The first thing one has to do to get a high pagerank is to optimize his/her website properly. This can be done by creating quality content, which should be based on the keyword theme, which is highly relevant to the business. Keywords used in the content should also be relevant to the site and its purpose. Along with high quality content, link building is also very important. So if you want to get a high pagerank, you should also make sure that you have high quality incoming links.

There are several methods of getting a high pagerank. These include pay per click advertising, content marketing through blogs and news letters, and black hat seo. Though black hat SEO may seem a little expensive initially, it has many benefits as well.